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The Two Gingers Range of Craft Gins

As discerning gin drinkers, our vision with the Two Gingers Range is to create gin that we would want to drink.

We love flavour and aroma and the journey they can take you on.

To get as much out of our chosen botanicals as possible, we have utilized the traditional craft method of distilling that binds the many flavours of the botanicals to the alcohol.

Spice Route Craft Gin

La Primavera

La Primavera is our refreshing spring gin; the name literally means “the first greens of spring”.

Wild jasmine and lemongrass combine to give a fresh and awakening profile on the nose and palate, whilst earthy undertones from orris and angelica roots come to the fore. This is a vibrant gin that will make your taste buds dance to the joys of spring.

Can be enjoyed neat over ice, or with plain Indian tonic water.

Spice Route Craft Gin

Soul Flame

Soul Flame is a subtle, warming gin, ideal for the cooler months. It offers a hint of Jasmine, and on the tongue soft spicy notes and gentle sweetness throughout. This smooth gin has a delightfully lingering flavour, with warmth provided by notes of cardamom, cassia and coriander, and subtle undertones of jasmine and citrus.

Try sipping it on its own for a unique experience, or with a small amount of tonic.

Spice Route Craft Gin

Spice Route

As the name suggests our Spice Route Gin is full-bodied and complex. Infused with peppery grains of paradise, rounded off with cassia bark, and masterfully elevated with a combination of liquorice root and sweet orange peel, resulting in a boldly refreshing gin. 

Enjoy neat over ice or with a quality plain tonic, garnish with cinnamon bark or citrus zest of your choice.

Pink Pomelo Craft Gin

Pink Pomelo

Richly aromatic, our Pink Pomelo Gin is zesty and thirst quenching. Initial notes of pink grapefruit are enhanced by a combination of cardamom and liquorice root; giving it a surprising sweetness with a distinctly refreshing finish.

Best paired with a generous serving of ice, a quality plain tonic and your choice of aromatic garnish.