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Norval Foundation Botanical Tour & Gin Tasting

Mar 31, 2022

Imagine a perfectly calm and gorgeously sunny early Autumn day, in a setting surrounded by mountains and rich in the combined fragrances of thousands of species of delicate Cape Fynbos, in one of the most prolific floral kingdoms in the world. Add to that the background of an astonishingly original sculpture garden, a guide with a deep knowledge of all that you see, and a delightful craft gin tasting to top it all off.

That was the day that was. Heaven in an afternoon.

Alex Lansdowne, well-known Restoration Horticulturist and Plant Conservationist, took our visitors on a guided tour of the profusion of botanical species in the gardens, prior to the tasting.

The Two Gingers themselves, Simon and Wynand, told the charming story about the origins of both our name and the craft gin philosophy which led to the creation of our original flavours. Ross, the Two Gingers distiller, guided our guests in identifying the delicious blends of botanicals infused in Spice Route and Pink Pomelo gins in the traditional, artisanal way.

It was a delightful way to spend a Sunday afternoon, which came to an end too soon. And it was an experience that we will definitely be repeating again.

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