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Distillers are ‘bringing sexy back’ into the gin industry

Sep 6, 2022

From The Independent Online – 5th September 2022

People all over the world look forward to spring. It provides a much-needed reprieve from the frigid temperatures that prevent spending time outside.

Colour is everywhere, bringing so much vibrancy, but none more beautiful than the vibrant set of the launch of Two Gingers distillery’s La Primavera gin.

As an avid consumer of gin, I have never concerned myself about how alcohol is made. Given the opportunity to make my own or rather watch how it’s made from scratch was quite fascinating.

As a chef you taste your dish to ensure the dish is following a certain taste palette as does a distiller which according to founder and chief operations officer Wynand de Vries different levels of temperature produces a different taste of gin, which means that testing is mandatory throughout the craft process to ensure that the gin is what it is meant to be.

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